For Patients

Services and Fees:

Evaluation (90 minutes): $900

45-minute session: $450


I am not in any insurance networks.  However, you can still use your insurance to pay for your treatment if you have out of network benefits (most PPO-type insurance plans have out of network benefits; EPO-type plans do not).  Here's how: I collect payment from you at the time of service and provide you with a receipt that contains your diagnoses, treatments and costs.   You then submit this receipt to your insurance company, along with an out of network reimbursement form that you obtain from them.  The insurance company then sends you a check reimbursing you for my fee.  This may be the entire fee, or a portion.  If you are planning on using out of network benefits, you should call your insurance company prior to starting treatment to determine the following:

Do you have out of network mental health benefits?    

What is your mental health deductible and has it been met? 

Is approval required from your primary care physician?

When does the coverage end or begin?

How many sessions per year are covered?

- What is the coverage amount per session [the services I provide most commonly are 90792 (Evaluation) and 99213+90836 (45-minute follow-up session)].

Forms (click for pdf):

      Practice Policies (click for pdf)

      Release of Information Form (click for pdf)


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